She Saw Her Hedgehog Go Into Labor. What She Caught Next Left Me Speechless

The miracle of birth is something that many of us have seen before. But it is still very rare to witness animal birth. However, thanks to the internet, we have now got the opportunity of finding whatever we want. We have seen lots of animal births before – from deer to orangutans and even pandas. The video below features the delivery of some precious hedgehog babies.

Elaine Wong uploaded a video of her hedgehog giving birth on YouTube in 2013. According to her, when she bought Coco, she had no idea the 6-month-old animal was pregnant. She realized her pet was in labor when she saw the first baby come out of her. Coco then went on to give birth to three more little ones. Elaine also says that the babies’ quills popped out and hardened after a few hours. All of them survived and are prospering in her home. However, Coco has already passed away.

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