Puppy Turns Around & Farts In Her Brother Face. The Older Dog’s Next Reaction Will Crack You Up

Puppies might look small, but these little guys have a lot of attitude. Just take a look at Lacie for example. This little girl is the newest addition to Mac the corgi’s family. However, even though she is the new kid on the block, she is not going to let anyone trample over her. You are going to be in hysterics when you see her interaction with Mac.

Lacie wanted to show the older corgi that she is not scared of him. So she took their argument to a whole new level by farting on the poor pooch’s face! What made the video even more hilarious is the look on Mac’s face. What a naughty little pup Lacie is! I am sure Mac thinks twice before arguing with her after what she did!

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