Dad Doesn’t Know There Is A Hidden Camera. Now Wait Till You See What He Does With The Kids! LOL!

We normally tend to put up a façade when we feel like we are being watched. That is why hidden cameras reveal a lot of things about people. Just take for example the video featured below. This dad didn’t know his wife had planted a hidden camera in the living room. So what he did? You won’t be able to stop laughing.

His wife, Rujeana, put up the camera so that grandma could see what her two grandchildren were up to. But what she found out was how her husband takes care of the children. The man lip-syncs and dances along to a Katy Perry song with his little daughter. He also has some fun time with his tiny baby before going back to doing laundry! It is quite clear that he loves his family! Wait till you see this!

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