Man Is Sentenced To 45 Days Of Jail Time For Strangling His Dog To Death With An Electrical Cord

It’s sad to find out that animal abusers don’t get a deserving punishment for their crimes. Most of them are made to pay a few dollars or sentenced to a few days of jail time without actually receiving a suitable penalty. Daniel Loredo, a 30-year-old man from Texas is one of such abusers who did injustice to his dog.

Loredo did the most horrible thing a person could ever do when he strangled his dog with an electrical cord. The infections from this cord caused the dog to die. Loredo was sentenced to 730 days at first, but later his punishment was reduced to 45 days. He was also made to pay an amount of 2,000 dollars. Besides this, he is banned from owning animals and is on community supervision for 5 years. This penalty, no matter how you look at it, is unfitting for a crime of this magnitude.


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