She Reached Out To Touch THIS “Aggressive” Pit Bull. What Followed Next? Hold Your BREATH!

It’s sad how pit bulls are written off as an aggressive breed. Every dog, no matter which breed it is, will be aggressive if they are not trained or socialized properly. Pit bulls are victims of dog fighting rings, and their involvement in this has ended up with them being labeled as aggressive. They are discriminated against, and even abused by their owners.

The poor pooch in this video was rescued from such a dog fighting ring. It is clear from the look in his eyes that he has gone through a lot of pain and suffering. Despite that, after hearing the kind voice of a woman, he slowly opens up to her. This shows how he just wants some love and cuddles. Pit bulls aren’t “demon dogs” they are made out to be, and this precious guy is the best proof of that.

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