Mom Calls Her Dog To Her. But Wait Till You See How The Frightened Pooch Crosses The Wooden Floor

We all have fears. Some of us are scared of the never-ending problems of the world, while some of us are troubled by comparatively smaller things like losing bets and games. Our animal friends are also not an exception when it comes to getting scared. They are very similar to us. Just ask this adorable German Shepherd featured in the video below.

This little boy is scared of wood floor. This might sound like an irrational fear to most of us, but one can only imagine how hard it is for the pooch. He is probably frightened of how he always ends up slipping on wooden surfaces. He wants to sit down with his owners and they also encourage him to come up to them, but the pooch is just too sacred and he can do nothing but whimper as he tries.

Wait till you see how he finally managed to cross the room! He truly deserves a treat for that! Share what you thought about the video in the comments!

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