Mama Donkey Stands Up. But Wait Till You See What Her Baby Donkey Does Next To Her

There is something about baby animals that just draws us to them. Part of the reason might be because they are so freaking cute. Or it could also be because of how carefree they are! They are so happy and their innocent playfulness is the best. Just take for example the adorable little donkey baby featured in the video given below.

This miniature donkey was less than two weeks old when this video was taken. But he is still the most hyper thing in the barn. His energy and his enthusiasm have made him viral and people on the internet are starting to call him the happiest donkey in the world. He runs around, while his mother watches him through her fly mask. The mask helps keep pests out of her face. The baby donkey will be let out in a big pasture once grows old enough.

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