They Didn’t Have A High Budget To Make This Commercial. So What This Animal Shelter Did? LOL!

The video below features a sidesplitting “Kitty Kommercial” by Furkids animal shelter. They prove that we don’t need high budget to make a good advertisement! The headquarters of the rescue organization is located in Atlanta, Georgia. So they thought it would be appropriate to feature a native Atlantan called Paul Preston as the main character. You will be surprised to know that video only took 30 minutes to film.

Seeing Preston perform like car salesman to get the cats adopted will make you laugh. But in real life, the man is not a comedian. He is a contractor with a rental property management company, and he just happens to be funny.

His sister was the one who came up with the idea for the ad. She is a regular volunteer at Furkids and she couldn’t think of anyone better than her brother to be featured in the commercial.

This will definitely make you want to adopt some cats!

Furkids animal shelter’s “Kitty Kommercial” shows why high-budget isn’t the only thing required to produce a work of genius!


The video was completely improvised and took only around 30 minutes to film.


Watch the video here:

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