Death Row Dog Who’s Owners Wanted To Kill Him For Disgusting Reason. Wait Till You Hear His Story

The video below features the story of a dog called Nik Nak. The poor thing was dropped off by his owners at a local vet one day. To the surprise of the vets, the owners said they wanted to put him down. The reason? They said he was “too yucky” to be kept alive. They thought the world would be much better without him in it.

The vets however, did not agree. They gave Nik Nak his first bath and started to nurse him back to health. He had scabs all over his face, but with time and effort, he started looking better. He was “too yucky” because his filthy owners hadn’t taken proper care of him in the first place. Kam Nurock became his foster parent and started looking after him. But in a few weeks, Kam realized that she wanted to adopt Nik Nak herself.

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