Dad Was Recording His Puppy Sleeping. But What The Pup Did Next? Awww!

Dogs are incredible creatures. They are adorable, loyal, and full of love. Often referred to as man’s best friend, they are said to be the only creatures on the planet that love you more than they love themselves. Another great thing about them is how they can entertain you without even trying. We have seen many instances about it before. Take a look the video below for example.

This little puppy is named Mike. His owner just couldn’t help but record him when he saw how peacefully he was sleeping. But right then, the little pooch lets a big one go. Dad is amused when he hears his tiny puppy fart so loudly, but it’s the puppy that is in the most shock. The little guy even wakes himself up from his nap and looks around confused at what he just did!

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