Cruel Man Kills Innocent Dog & Poses For A Trophy Photo

There are many compassionate people who set an example for others with their good deeds. But there are some who make you lose faith in humanity and good with their vile deeds. The man in this photo is one of them. He had killed a poor innocent dog and was photographed holding its lifeless body by the tail. He is even smiling for the picture as though he’d done something great.

The 31 year old man from Zgorigrad, Bulgaria, has been reported to hate all dogs. He wished for them to disappear because his neighbors kept letting their dogs loose, despite his warnings against it. He took things to extreme lengths when he killed the dog and claimed there was one less dog in the world. The photo went viral after he posted it on social media. The authorities have pressed charges on this cruel man.

Take a look at his smug face. Isn’t it repulsive?


If he is found guilty, the man can be punished with a fine and be sentenced to 5 years in prison. Sadly, many people who are guilty of animal abuse walk freely in Bulgaria. Please sign this petition to raise awareness about such crimes again innocent animals and help prevent such from happening again.

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