They Found This Dog Alone In The Mountain. When They Scanned His Microchip? You’ll Break Down!

Valia Orfanidou and her partner, Georgio, received a call about an abandoned dog that was tied to a tree and needed immediate rescuing. They decided to help the poor thing out. Valia rescues animals from dangerous situations in Athens, Greece. But no experience had prepared her for what she saw next.

Tool was found abandoned in a mountain. The poor thing was tied to a tree so that he could not follow his owner. When Valia found him, he was in a very bad state. He was confused, frail, and emaciated. The dog also had a microchip. When the former owner was contacted, Valia found that Tool had been given to a new owner, a hunter. It was this heartless man that had tied the dog to a tree after he formed a limp and was no use in his hunting exploits. Thankfully, the dog was adopted in no time after his rescue. He now lives with his loving owner, Lone.

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