Mom Confronts Husky About The Poop On The Carpet. I Didn’t Think He Would React THAT Way! LOL!

There are lots of husky videos on the internet. Doggie celebrities like Mishka and Laika have become a household name for many of us. One of these famous huskies is featured in the clip below. He is called Zeus and many of us recognize him because of his stubborn and badass attitude. It seems like Zeus is against everything his owner asks of him!

Huskies are known to be one of the most stubborn breeds in the world and this handsome pooch is not an exception! Sometimes he obstinately refuses to get out of the sofa, and sometimes he refuses to get out of the bathtub. One day, Zeus ended up pooping right on the carpet. When his owner tired to confront him about it, things take a hilarious turn.

Watch what Zeus does when he is put on the spot! Share your thoughts about the video in the comments!

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